9"x14" XLG Actual Size Navajo Wedding Vase Hand Painted and Head Etched Pottery by Mabelline Grey - White Epson Clay (XLG)


The reason my aunt is so well known in the Southwest is because she mastered three different styles of pottery and now mixes it into one piece. The three stages of making these pots are pouring, hand painting and hand etching. Before beginning any of these processes we must first create the pot. Each pottery is hand poured three times. We use white epson clay from the Navajo Nation. Pouring three times makes it durable with a nice weight to it. This process can take up to 6- hours. Next we bake it. We bake all our pots in an open fire pit. Then we paint it. Our colors were what we were first known for. Our colors are always concepts, are always bright, vibrant and seamless. You don't typically see Navajo pottery like this. Last we etch. Our etching is done with a fine needlepoint. We create medicine symbols. Each medicine symbol represents different beliefs from our ancestors. Each design is fully explained in our brochure. My favorite are the long prayer feathers which promote healing and good blessing in your home. The spiral increases spiritual growth and represent the whirlwind. Taking the old and replacing it with the new each day.

Keep in mind, there is no mass production in our work but the pots with animals are extra one of kind pieces. We base the quality of Navajo Pottery is based on precision and detail. When you look closely at etchings, such as the bottom of the feathers, you can actually see the fines lines created in every stroke. All our pots take at least 10 hours to create. This process has been mastered over the last 40 years and passed down through generations. My aunt, Mabelline Grey learned potting from her mom who learned from our grandma.

This is the actual size of the Navajo Wedding Vase. The Navajo Wedding vase is a traditional style pots used in the Navajo wedding ceremony. The man and woman sit in the hogan in front of a medicine man. He does prayers for them. This is an all night ceremony. Immediate family sit with them in the hogan. Extended family and friends are either cooking or surrounding the hogan peering in from windows. Children run around playfully. At sunrise the ceremony ends and the new couple drink from both sides of the pot. Creating unity from two sprouts and working for one goal. A feast is held and this pot will stay with the couple for the rest of their lives.

Last but not least! We JUST created a video of us making us making the pots from start to finish! It is available on our website. www.Navajosecrets.com the password for the video is "Friends". Feel free to watch us create our pottery from start to finish.

Christmas is coming up. Buy yourself something sweet for the holidays. Navajo Secrets is Navajo owned and operated. All our items are Native handmade and created on the Navajo Nation.

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