Chip Turquoise Inlay Music Note Guitar Pick Pendant Native Handmade(Copper)


This is the absolute perfect gift! Weather you love music, bears, native jewelry, good health, turquoise or red coral.

This is a unique one of a kind item is more trendy then most of our other items we usually. This design is called chip turquoise inlay. We believe in not wasting anything. After cutting and shaping turquoise stones there is tiny bits of turquoise and dust. That dust is then compressed into metal work. Creating unique one of a kind designs. Even more so, Arizona produces the highest quality turquoise in the entire world. Turquoise increases wealth. Not wealth like money but wealth with family, and community.

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Stand the test of time and buy an awesome family heirloom. This is a one of a kind, Navajo handmade copper pendant made on the Navajo Nation in Arizona. We use nothing but real NAVAJO turquoise from Arizona. All our items come with a story of the turquoise and certificate of Native American authenticity. Navajo Secrets is 100% Native American owned and operated. No antiques. No imports. No imitations. No fake turquoise. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you have any questions feel free to email me. You can also find myself and my family vending in the Sedona and the Grand Canyon area or Native Art Market in Scottsdale during the winter!

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