Hand Carved Spiny Oyster Shell Arrowhead Fetish


Native American Jewelry is all about coming up with something new and different. This is a new design created by Dwayne Turpin. This hand carved Turquoise fetish is adorned with 4 adorable hand carved arrowheads on top. I absolutely love this design!

More so, Navajos have the second strongest magic in the world right behind African voodoo. Power stones are created to guard your spirit from bad energies and dreams. Fetishes are power stones and guardians of your spirit. Our hand carved stones are carved from Arizona Turquoise. Arizona Turquoise usually originates from the Navajo Nation and is often referred to as Navajo Turquoise.

Navajo also believe Spiny Oyster Shell increases foundation and patience while arrowheads promotes friendship and success on your journey. Not success like money, but wealth with your family and your community. The more Turquoise you wear the wealthier you are considered.

There is no mass production in our work and every arrow head is unique in it's matrix and shape. Arrowheads promote good luck, friendship and protection on ones journey.

I include a certificate of authenticity, and information on fetishes and what turquoise represents. Buy Native! Shop Local! Christmas is right around the corner. Buy yourself something nice. Free shipping.
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