BRAND NEW! Large Stone Navajo Handmade Turquoise & Sterling Silver Bracelet Native American jewelry, bohemian beach wedding.


This modern tuck and roll bracelet mixes the old with new. This Navajo handmade cuff is decorated with KINGMAN Turquoise from Arizona. This one of a kind design is a brand new and serves as a statement piece. The bracelet has handstamped whirlwind designs all the way around. This design represents spiritual growth. Out with the old and in with the new. This detail is raw and modern. I absolutely love it. The simplistic yet complicated piece remind me of minimalism while being highlighted with a wide 1.5" sturdy sterling silver bands that come together to form one band for style and comfort. Our cuff bracelets are adjustable and can be formed to fit any size wrist! We use only heavy gauges of silver creating a sturdy time lasting piece. All our items always include incredible detail and are always unique and different every time. This is a one of a kind piece. We do not mass produce any of our work.

As well, Arizona carries the highest quality turquoise in the entire world. Arizona is a copper state. Copper is what turns the turquoise a bright blue. The brightest blue turquoise comes from the Navajo Nation and is often referred to as "Navajo Turquoise". This particular stones comes from the Kingman Arizona mine. Furthermore, the closer you get to Nevada the greener the stone turns. Nevada is an iron state. Turning the turquoise a greener shade. Lastly, all our stones are hand cut, shaped and polished on the Navajo Nation. There is no better Quality. Navajo Turquoise increases wealth and good fortune. Not wealth with money but with your family and community.

In olden stories they say, Navajos, are the holy people. We are not silversmiths but messengers and crafters of the gods. When creating jewelry our bodies are taken over by different spirits and ancestors. We are simply transferring energy from higher powers. They go on to say if you see a piece and you feel as if you recognize it, it speaks to you. This is because it was made for you by someone you once knew. Always walk in beauty. Ahe'hee (Thank you).

Specifics information on bracelet:
Signed: "MY" , Melvin Yazzie, Navajo Native American artist
Stamped: "Sterling"
Stone: Kingman Turquoise, Arizona
The inside measurement is ADJUSTABLE
Currently sized to
The stone measures " at the widest point
The setting measures " at the widest point
All our items are handcrafted in the United States by Native American artists( Made in the USA).
Free Shipping within the United States and Gift Box Included

***We can adjust to any size wrist before shipping. To insure the best fit, place a tape measure around your wrist at the wrist bones to determine the size of your wrist. You can also use a string and then measure the length of the string.***

Stand the test of time and buy your first family heirloom. Navajo Secrets is 100% Native owned and operated. All our items are Native handmade on the Navajo Nation. We use nothing but real NAVAJO turquoise from Arizona. All bracelets come with a story of the turquoise and certificate of Native American authenticity. We do not carry antiques. No imports. No imitations. No fake turquoise. Just the real deal. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you have any questions feel free to email me. You can also find myself and my family vending in the Sedona and the Grand Canyon area.


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*Due to high demand in our one of a kind pieces we do not guarantee shipping dates and arrivals. But we promise all items are Native handmade with love and care.