Hand Carved New Mexico Fetish- Turquoise


All our products are Navajo handmade on the Navajo Nation. Fetishes are power stones and guardians of your spirit. Our hand carved stones are shaped from Arizona Turquoise. Arizona Turquoise usually originates from the Navajo Nation and is often referred to as Navajo Turquoise. Navajos have the second strongest magic in the world right behind African voodoo. Power stones are created to guard your spirit from bad energies and dreams.

Navajos also believe prayer fetishes promote good blessings in your mind body and soul. Turquoise is also a symbol of wealth. Not wealth like money, but wealth with your family and your community. The more Turquoise you wear the wealthier you are considered.

There is no mass production in our work and every fetish is unique in it's matrix and shape. Turquoise promotes good luck, friendship and protection on ones journey.

I include a certificate of authenticity, and information on fetishes and what turquoise represents. Buy Native! Shop Local! Christmas is right around the corner. Buy yourself something nice. Free shipping.

All our stones are hand cut on the Navajo Nation as well. There is no better Quality. Arizona's blue turquoise is by far my favorite shade. And looks striking again white and black outfits. Navajo Turquoise increases wealth and good fortune. Not wealth with money but with your family and community. My uncle, Dwayne Turpin, is well known Navajo stone cutter in the Arizona. He always uses incredible detail on every piece. This is a brand new design and has become my favorite to wear!

Stand the test of time and buy your first family heirloom. This is a one of a kind. We use nothing but real NAVAJO turquoise from Arizona. Navajo Secrets is 100% Native owned and operated. No antiques. No imports. No imitations. No fake turquoise. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you have any questions feel free to email me. You can also find myself and my family vending in the Sedona and the Grand Canyon area.

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*Due to high demand in our one of a kind pieces we do not guarantee shipping dates and arrivals. But we promise all items are Native handmade with love and care.