LG Navajo Pottery handmade horsehair handetched Indian- White Clay (LG)

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The reason why our family is so well known in the Southwest is because we have mastered three different styles of pottery and mix it into one piece. The three stages of making these pots are horsehair, hand painting and hand etching. Before beginning any of these processes we must first create the pot. All our pots are hand poured three times for durability. There are two different color options, Sedona Red clay or White Epson clay. Both clays are from the Navajo Nation. The red clay holds color that is similar to the Sedona Red Rocks. The white enhances the hand painted colors. Pouring and shaping the pot can takes up to 4 to 6 hours. Then we bake it. We bake all our pots in an open fire pit. Once the pot turns red flaming hot we can start our newest process, which is adding horsehair. Horsehair pottery is a newer concept where we take actual horse hair and place it onto the pots while they are red flaming hot. The hair singes right on and creates a beautiful marble look with amazing texture. I love this process because it immediately turns the pot into a one of a kind piece. Next, we smooth the hair with elk fur. The elk fur polishes it just enough so you can still feel the horse hair on top. Last, we paint and etch it. Bright colors are originally what my aunt was known for. You rarely see Navajo pottery with colors this bright, vibrant and seamless. Next, it is hand etched with medicine symbols. The etching is done with a fine needlepoint. When you receive the pot you can actually look closely and see the fine lines surrounding each medicine symbol. Each medicine symbol represent something different. My favorite medicine symbol is the long prayer feathers, promoting healing and good blessing in your home. The spirals increase spiritual growth and reminds you to take the old and replace it with the new in each day.

Any pots with an animal tend to be even more one of a kind. This pot has a medicine bear hand etched onto it. The medicine bear increases strength, protection and power. In olden stories he was the first medicine man. He showed us what herbs we could eat or use for medicine. So he also increases good health. In our olden stories we followed him around to learn what we could and could not eat. He taught us the medicines of the forest. (Story included).

All our pots are created on the Navajo Nation. Each one takes about 8-10 hours to create. Yet in actuality, this process has been improved and mastered throughout 3 generations for over 40 years. All the pots are signed “M Grey Navajo” . Every pot comes with a brochure that fully explains who makes it, how we make it and what each medicine symbols represents.We also JUST made a video of the process of making the pots from start to finish! It is available on our website. www.Navajosecrets.com under the blog section. The password for the video is "Friends".

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