Navajo handmade Horse Hair Pottery - Bear with Medicine Bundle, sage, red coral, turquoise and prayer feather, medicine pouch


The reason why my family is so well known is because they mastered three different styles of pottery and now mix it into one piece. The three stages of making these pots are horsehair, hand painting and hand etching. Before beginning any of these processes we must first create the pot. We hand pour each pot three times. This pot is poured with white Epson clay from the Navajo Nation. Pouring it three times making it durable. This process can take up to 6 hours. Next we bake it. We bake all our pots in an open fire pit. Leading us to the next and newest concept we have created. Next we place horsehair onto the pot. When the horse hair touches the white flaming pot it singes right on. This immediately turns the white pot into a one of a kind piece and creates a beautiful texture and matrix. All the black lines create a marble look. We polish it with elk fur just enough so you can still feel the horse hair on top. The hair polished with the fur gives the pot an amazing texture. Even underneath the paints and etching you can still feel the horse hair. Forth, we paint it. Our color were the first thing we were known for. Our exquisite color concepts, are always bright, vibrant and seamless. You don't typically see pottery this bright and colorful and they are different every time. Last we etch. Our etching is done with a fine needlepoint. The quality of Navajo Pottery is based on precision and detail. When you look closely at etchings you can actually see the fines lines created in every stroke. All our pots take 8-10 hours to create. But this process has been mastered and improved over the last 40 years.

Furthermore, there is no mass production in our work but the pots with animals are extra one of kind pieces. We place medicine symbols inside of the animals so every one is one of kind. My aunt, Mabelline Grey learned potting from her mom who learned from our grandma. Horse hair is a newer concept we have only been doing for the last 5 years but has taken our pots to the next level. Every pot comes with a brochure that fully explains where we are from, how we make it and what the medicine symbols mean individually. My favorite are the long prayer feathers which promote healing and good blessing in your home.

Our pots are awe-inspiring and combine a medicine bear into the piece. The medicine bear increases strength, protection and power. In olden stories he was the first medicine man. He showed us what herbs we could eat or use for medicine. So he also increases good health. In our olden stories we followed him around to learn what we could and could not eat. He taught us the medicines of the forest. The medicine bundle on top includes sage to relieve stress, promote creativity. Red Coral is a symbol of Mother Earth's Love and promotes unconditional love and understanding. The turquoise promotes good wealth. Not wealthlike money but wealth with friends, family and your community. The prayer feather increase good healing and protection in your home.

Last but not least! We JUST created a video of us making us making the pots from start to finish! It is available on our website. the password for the video is "Friends". Feel free to watch us create our pottery from start to finish.

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