Large Handmade Navajo Dream Catcher with feathers and rabbit fur. Medicine stones and arrowhead

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My dream catchers are created on the Navajo Nation. We create them with rabbit fur, leather,and wax string. The turkey feathers are dyed red. The medicine stones within my dream catchers are medicine stones and promote healing. The arrowhead in the center is made from obsidian and promotes power,and protection. The arrow itself encourage strength, courage and protection on ones journey. Dream catchers are usually hung above your bed or windows to keep bad spirits away from your mind and body. Good spirits fly straight through the web and glide down the feathers into your mind, body and home. This is a larger size and measure out to be 4.5 inches in webbing with draping feathers for one foot long. This beads are neutral colors of maroon and black and beige. A dream catcher story comes with the Dream catcher when ordered. And read below. I also listed the healing of each medicine stone further below.

Stories of the dream catcher, arrowhead and medicine stones are included.

Navajos have the second strongest magic in the world. There is white magic and there is black magic. Spider woman was the first woman of the Navajo people. She and the Sun would born two children known as the warrior twins, Monster Slayer and Child of Water. She would go on to teach us how to weave rugs and baskets. But before all of this, when her twins were only babies a plague of black magic raged against the Navajo Nation. Bad thoughts flooded the people minds. Children could not sleep and when they did they awoke with nightmares. In response, Spider Woman began weaving. That day she wove a web of protection for her people. She explained, Like an arrow, good thoughts and dreams will always find their way through the dream catcher and float down the feathers into our mind bodies and souls. Anything bad goes crazy and in different directions and become entangled in the web and never find us. Father sun will cleanse your dream catchers with his light. Dream catchers were placed in everyone’s home. Above bed and windows to keep the good blessings and never to receive the bad ones. You have just purchased a Navajo handmade item. Follow us @navajosecrets. Or visit our website at

Rosquartz= promotes self love and self confidence
Amythest= Promotes prosperity
Sodalite= Increases comprehension
Turquoise= increase self love and wealth. Not money but with friends family and community.
Juniper Berry Seed= A single juniper berry seed is collected from the Grand Canyon and is used by my tribe as protection from bad spirits and bad energies.

Made to last a lifetime with real leather. Navajo Secrets is Navajo owned and operated. We carry only Native handmade items created on the Navajo Nation. Your dreamcatcher won't work if it's made in China. LOL. Ancient Indian secret. No imports. No Junk Jewelry. The real deal at a better price. Buy Direct. Shop Native. .

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