Turquoise Butterfly Sand casted Pendent


This handmade item was sand casted on the Navajo Nation. My aunt carves the spiral into a stone, pours the metal in and implants the turquoise before the metal cools. Her initials are stamped delicately within the back of each item. The whirlwind is made out of sterling silver (925) and represents our lives and cleansing. We are the stone in the center at birth. The whirlwind is our life. It symbolizes the present and cleansing of each day, while on our paths.

The turquoise itself comes from the Navajo Nation and is considered the most precious stone of turquoise. Navajo Turquoise comes from The Navajo Nation. We use nothing but local turquoise in all of our work. Arizona and Nevada produce the highest quality of turquoise in the entire world! The bluest stones come from the Navajo Nation and are referred to as Navajo Turquoise. The Copper is what turns the turquoise the turquoise a bright blue. Nevada tends to have more iron in their soil turning the stone a beautiful forest green color. Turquoise promotes success and is a symbol of wealth. Not wealth like money, but wealth with your family and your community. The more Turquoise you wear the wealthier you are considered. Stories of turquoise come with every item.

Butterfly increases beauty balance and grace. (Story Included)

Signed: "F", Frieda, Female Navajo Silver Smith
Stamped: Sterling

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