HUGE Navajo Handmade AZ Turquoise & Silver Earrings boho wedding


Elouise Kee handcrafted this with KINGMAN Spiderweb Turquoise from Arizona. Elouise is a female silversmith. Her experience allows her to transition from one style to another. Here she incorporates hand cutting and hand stamping into one. She is awesome!

As well, Arizona produces some of the highest quality of turquoise in the entire world! The bluest stones come from the Navajo Nation and are referred to as Navajo Turquoise. Arizona turquoise tends to be a bright blue, while Nevada turquoise is greener. Arizona is a copper state. Copper is what turns the turquoise the turquoise a bright blue. This Kingman Turquoise stone is a rich, stunning SKYBLUE. All our stones are hand cut on the Navajo Nation as well. There is no better Quality. Navajo Turquoise increases wealth and good fortune. Not wealth with money but with your family and community.

Signed: "Elouise Kee", Female Navajo Silver Smith
Stamped: Sterling

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