Lg Navajo Horse Hair Pottery - RED CLAY (Lg)

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The reason why we are so well known in the Southwest is because we mastered combining three different kinds of styles and mixed it into one piece. We do horsehair, hand etching and handpainting all in one pot. The first step is pouring the pot and baking it in an open fire put. This pot is poured with red clay from the Navajo Nation. This red clay we use is exactly the same Red Rocks in Sedona. After pouring we bake it. While its in the fire we place onto it. The black lines are actually horse hair. The horse hair turns it into a one of a kind piece. Next we polish it with fur. We use Elk fur to give it a 3D texture. The horsehair can be felt when touched. Second we paint it. This is one of the reason we are well known. Our colors are are incredibly bright and vibrant. You won't and don't normally see Navajo pottery like this. The color are seamless. You can't tell where one ends and another begins. The last thing we do is hand etching. Our etching is done with a fine needlepoint. Navajo Pottery quality is based on precision and detail. We have been etching pottery for over 40 years. When you look closely you can actually see the needlepoint etching and the flawless medicine symbols it creates. Every pot comes with a brochure that fully explains the medicine symbols. My favorite are the prayer feathers which promote healing and good blessing in your home. The staircase of life represents the highs and lows of life. Reminding us that you can't always be happy or sad but life is journey and is different every day. The spiral increases spiritual growth and represent the whirlwind. Taking the old and replacing it with the new each day.

Of course there is no mass production in our work already but the pots with animals are extra one of kind pieces. We place medicine symbols inside the animals to make sure its is unique and only for you. The butterfly increases beauty, balance and grace. Butterflies reveal change and help with inner strength and power. Butterflies are good for times of change.

This pot took 6-8 hours to make . But we have perfected this craft over the last 40 years. We hope you love this pot just as much as we loved creating it. Every pot comes with a brochure that tells you about our family, how we make it and what the medicine symbols represent individually. A video is provided as well on our website. www.Navajosecrets.com the password for the video is "Friends". Feel free to watch us create our pottery from start to finish.

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