Lg Eagle Sandcasted Money Clip


After cutting and shaping the turquoise and coral stones there is a always fine dust leftover. In the Navajo culture we believe nothing should be wasted. This belief brought along a new process called chip turquoise inlay. We now use this turquoise dust to recreate medine animals and symbols on nickel money clips.

Arizona produces some of the highest quality of turquoise in the entire world! The bluest stones come from the Navajo Nation and are referred to as Navajo Turquoise. Arizona turquoise tends to be a bright blue, while Nevada turquoise is greener. Red coral represents mother earth loves and promotes unconditional love and understanding.

This particular Thunderbird symbol is world renowned. Unfortunatly is was taken and has become a mass produced import. But luckily this is an original piece created by the original artist artist is Alvin Thompson. Thunderbird increases power, protection and strength. he is also a deliverer of prayers. They say he carries your prayers on his feathers and delivers them to the sky. The eagle is also a symbol of freedom and helps with guidance.

Stamp: "AT" Alvin Thompson, Navajo Silversmith
Metal: Sterling (925) Silver

Navajo Secrets is Navajo owned and operated. All our items are Native handmade on the Navajo Nation. We use nothing but real Arizona Turquoise and sterling silver. No imports. No Junk Jewelry. The real deal at a better price with awesome prices. Buy Direct. Shop Native.

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