Native Storyteller- Thick Gauge- Incredible Detail

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Yes! You found it! This is a Navajo Story teller ring made by the original Navajo Artist Gilbert Begay. My uncle has been metalsmithing for the last 40 years. The story teller and friendship dancer bracelets are the pinnacle of his career. His incredible detail in each piece has won him several Native Arts awards in the Southwest and East Coast.

Navajo arts and crafts are all about coming up with something new a different. In order to make these rings he works with a microscope cutting our each figure then placing it onto a contrasting background. This is a a very painstaking and delicate process. These rings depicts the Navajo lifestyle. and comes with a story fully explaining the picture etched on ring.

Most will have the corn stalk represents mother earth. Her unconditional love and kindness. Corn pollen is used in our ceremonies and increases blessings. Next you see Monument Valley in the distance. This is where we grew up. The wagon in front is the same wooden wagon we, not to long ago, used to travel to down. Two water barrel reminds us that water is scarce and important. Most Navajos to this day do not have running water and haul water from nearby town in large barrels. The hogan is our traditional housing made of logs and a mud hut. Next you see grandma weaving a rug. Our great grandma's still weave rugs to this day. Behind her is one of the sacred mountains. Flagstaff, which we visit and sell our jewelry on every weekend. The rain helps with rejuvenation. The horse is used to herd the sheep. The outhouse reminds us of where we came from. And is still used today.

This thick gauge of silver is indestructible and will thrive through generations as a family heirloom. Each piece is signed with his FULL name and "Sterling" so you know it is the real deal. Gilbert is a traditional man who tells the best stories and prayers. This will be his first time making story teller rings. And the very first online. One matching bracelet is available here

Signed: Gilbert Begay
Stamped: Sterling

Gilbert Begay has received a blue ribbon at the Arizona State Museum’s Juried Native American Arts and Crafts Show. The museum purchased the bracelet and it sits there today in it’s private collection. The Arizona State Museum is located in Tucson Arizona on the University of Arizona Campus. The bracelets won many other recognitions and awards, to name all would be too tedious. To name a few, The Eiteljorg Museum, The Santa Fe Indian Market, The Heard Museum Show, Litchfield Park.

Stand the test of time and buy your first family heirloom. This thicker gauge is a one of a kind. This Navajo handmade sterling silver bracelet was made on the Navajo Nation in Arizona. There is no better quality then this bracelet. All my uncles are known for using heavy gauges of 925 silver and includes seamless detail. The real deal. Buy Direct. Navajo Secrets is 100% Native owned and operated. No antiques. No imports. No imitations. No costume jewelry. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you have any questions feel free to email me. You can also find myself and my family vending in the Sedona and the Grand Canyon area. Stories included. FREE SHIPPING. Follow us on instagram @NavajoSecrets #Navajosecrets

Handcrafted in the United States by Navajo Native American artist Augustine Largo
Made in the USA

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